Ultimate Guide to Pet Friendly Holiday For The Whole Family

Why Traveling With Pets is Different Than Traveling Without Them

We all know that when you travel with pets, they will need to be taken care of during travel, whether at the airport or your hotel.

But why is it different from travelling without them? Pets provide emotional and physical support and companionship for their owners. They can provide emotional and physical safety and security for the owner who is feeling scared or vulnerable. When we take our pets on vacation with us, we enjoy having another family member with us – one that doesn’t require any child supervision during our travels!

I am sure that some pet owners worry about their pets’ safety when they’re gone. However, those who’ve travelled with their pets before know that those worries are unfounded as they’ve never had any problems at all with their pet’s safety while they are away.

How to Plan for the Best Pet-Friendly Vacation Destination

The hardest part about travelling with your furry friend is finding a place that they are allowed to go. So when planning your next vacation, consider all of the pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and beaches by doing some research beforehand.

Planning can make or break a vacation for pet owners. Therefore, you want to make sure that you put in the time to find out which places are pet-friendly before booking your trip. This way, you can get all of the information about whether or not you can bring your four-legged friend with you on vacation or if you will have to leave them at home.

Tips for Getting Your Dog Processed Through Security

The tips in this section can help you travel with your pet, which is essential for getting your dog processed through security.

It’s not just domestic animals that need to be registered and processed. For example, dogs and cats flying in the cabin of an aeroplane will need to go through a different process than those in cargo.

Here are some things you’ll want to do beforehand

1) Make sure your dog or cat has a rabies certificate if required

2) Make sure the certificate is valid for at least one year

3) Get your vet’s approval before taking off

4) Check with airlines beforehand on what they require

5) Make sure you have poo bags, food, water, lead and bedding for your furry companion

Best Practices for Flying with Pets on an Airplane

Always make sure your furry friend has everything they could need on the plane. For example, suppose they have a favourite blanket or toy, pop that in with them, so they feel more safe and secure on their journey. Also, ensure they have good ventilation and have access to fresh water.


When you both arrive at your destination, the only thing left to do is enjoy your holiday together and relax!


Happy Holidays!


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