Why You Should Avoid Cutting Corners When Building a Home

Why You Should Avoid Cutting Corners When Building a Home




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If you are building a home and looking to save money – cutting corners is not the place to save.

For starters, the overall impacts on a property’s value and a homeowner’s wallet can be significant. It’s understandable why some people might be tempted to take a shortcut here and there to save money. Homeowners often skip the required permits for a project, in the hopes of keeping costs down. 


Just because you should not cut corners on your project does not mean you cannot cut costs. 

Discuss ways to save money with your contractor – perhaps you can reuse some of the existing materials you have to preserve the charm of your home. Instead of installing brand new kitchen cabinets, you should consider resurfacing your existing cabinets yourself. 

Permanent Features

Light fixtures, faucets, and hardware can be easily upgraded whenever you want. More permanent fixtures are more difficult to replace. In the bathroom, for example, invest in a tub and shower that won’t need replacing for years. If you’re remodelling your kitchen, choose countertops and backsplashes that are durable and ones that you really like. You can skimp on the decorative elements since you can always add or change those later.


There are many great options for cost-effective flooring, so it can be difficult to spend big bucks on your floors. However, if you have your mindset on hardwood floors, you may never be satisfied with a tile or laminate that imitates hardwood. The flooring of your home can make a big statement, so be sure that what you choose is something you’ll love living with for many years to come.



Some of your cost-saving measures could actually lead to greater losses. For instance, if you choose to DIY a house’s plumbing system instead of hiring an experienced, qualified plumber, you could end up with system failures that could ultimately cause problems and mould. Likewise, if you choose to opt for very cheap, low-quality flooring materials, they could deteriorate rapidly when exposed to foot traffic. If this happens, you would likely end up having to replace the materials just a few months after installation.

It is always better to think ahead and plan for the future by not cutting corners now when in the long run it could cost you more!


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