9 Tips to a Hassle-Free Vacation in the Year of Discontent

The current travel crisis is causing chaos all over the world. Canceled flights, union strikes, and the lingering effects of COVID-19 can bring your plans crashing down. So here are some tips for ensuring you have a hassle-free vacation in these uncertain times of travel.

Book Your Transport Early

It’s never been easier to book a flight, train, or vehicle rental. And you can avoid some disappointment with an early booking. For instance, you will ensure you get a seat. Additionally, you’re more likely to get a better deal, especially if you book an off-peak seat. However, booking your transport early isn’t a guarantee that nothing will go wrong. Flights and trains are often delayed, especially in these turbulent (sorry) times. Fortunately, you can track a flight on a Mac and other apps with real-time information. So you always know where you stand.

Always Plan Ahead for a Hassle-Free Vacation

Preparation is essential. Making an advance decision about what you want to do can save you money and time. Prior planning will enable you to foresee potential issues and subsequently look for possible solutions. This will allow you to at least avoid some of the worst situations, such as delays, cancellations, and traffic issues. But more importantly, you can make alternative plans for when things go wrong. For example, alternative accommodation if you must spend the night in another place. Make sure to review the travel warnings for the area you’re visiting. 

Take Out Insurance

Travel insurance isn’t a legal requirement. But it’s extremely valuable. Anything can go wrong when you’re on vacation. From the moment you leave the house until you arrive back home again, you are vulnerable. Travel insurance will cover you for things such as loss of items, theft, and medical expenses. Medical insurance alone is vital these days since you could find yourself having to pay for very expensive COVID-19 treatment through no fault of your own. Your employer or travel credit card provider might have you covered but check just in case.

Book Reputable Lodgings

If there’s one thing that will definitely ruin your vacation, it’s poor accommodation. Of course, filthy, rundown, and crime-ridden hotels aren’t typical. But they are a genuine reality that could happen. In addition, some will blatantly lie and use false images on travel websites. So stay vigilant when booking. Always book using top-rated sites such as Booking.com or Trivago. And even then, always read the reviews of any hotel or other accommodation you consider booking. And if you have any concerns, just ask the provider through their contact methods.

Protect Your Luggage and Valuables

You will have many valuables with you when you travel. At the least, you will have passports, cash, and credit cards. Unfortunately, these are extremely valuable to thieves and can be used for identity theft, ruining your life. So here are some tips for protecting your valuables:

  • Secure cash and credit cards on your person.
  • Take copies of travel documents and passports.
  • Use padlocks on your suitcases and safes in hotels.
  • Use the web to find out about local tourist scams.
  • Scatter electronics between multiple packs and cases.

You can never know when you will be the victim of a crime. And many foreign countries can be a little unconcerned about tourism-related low-level crime. So, of course, always report any incidents. However, it’s best to try to avoid leaving yourself open to being a victim altogether.

Beware of Barriers to Entry

You cannot enter anywhere at will. Almost all countries have specific criteria and barriers to entry that can prevent you from becoming a visitor. And this will, of course, ruin your holiday. So, before you even book, it’s best to check these. Often, they include things like criminal records, your COVID status, and even how much money you have. However, even low-level crimes such as not paying your taxes can stop you from legally entering a country. Other things that can prevent you from entering include the color of your skin and previous travel destinations.

Expect Changes Such as Delays

Travel delays are one thing. But if you have seen any news lately, the current situation is beyond ordinary. Most major airlines are canceling a large volume of flights. There are many reasons, and some of the most common right now include COVID-related staff shortages, increased fuel prices, and industrial action. Yet it seems that recently there has been a consolidation of many reasons all at once, causing the number of delays to be far more than expected. So keep an eye on the travel news and expect to be waiting longer than usual.

Have a Hassle-Free Vacation by Switching Off

The whole point of taking a vacation is to enjoy yourself. But how can you do that when you scroll your phone every two minutes? The average person touches their phone over 2,00 times per day. That’s insane when you think about it. So unless there’s a medical reason or an important family matter, try to switch it off. You will find you’ll have a better time without it, and you really don’t need it unless you are looking for specific information. And anyone sending you work-related stuff when they know you’re on vacation doesn’t deserve your time.

Enjoy the Journey as Much as the Destination

Your vacation begins the moment you leave the house. And enjoying it includes everything before and after. Therefore, you should enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Even in airports and rail hubs, there are many things you can do. Sit and read, watch the planes and trains or grab some food and drinks from the numerous restaurants and cafes. And if you are lucky enough to travel through different countries, there are many sights to behold. Most of which most people will never get to see. So try to make the most of your entire journey.


Traveling is one of the greatest freedoms you can enjoy. However, you still need to know how to have a hassle-free vacation so you can enjoy your well-earned time off. This includes booking your transport early, protecting your belongings, and switching off from your screen.


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