Surprising Ways Nutrition Affects Your Health


Surprising Ways Nutrition Affects Your Health

For many years, there have been discussions about nutrition and its impact on the body. There is much to talk about how it strengthens the immune system, helps you avoid certain cancers, and maintains a healthy weight. Already, it has been detected that the population consumes less red meat due to health or sustainability-related reasons. People now eat less than the daily recommended intake of 70 grams and are making other adjustments to their diets to maintain their wellbeing. Below are some other ways nutrition affects your health. 



  • Healthy fats improve cell function 

Every human requires a good amount of fat in the body to aid the proper function of cells. Fats are also excellent sources of energy. This is why nutritionists recommend that people choose good fat over unhealthy ones. For example, unsaturated fats like olive and canola oil are among the top four healthy fats needed by the body. They are best known for keeping cell membranes healthy and flexible. Their antioxidant properties also help regulate blood cholesterol.

The absence of healthy fats in your body can lead to several problems. For example, hair loss, dry rash, hormonal problems and a weak immune system are results of healthy fat deficiency. Unfortunately, excess unhealthy fats accumulate in the arteries, among other serious health risks. A better option may be to consume them in moderation if you cannot avoid them at all.

  • Protein consumption and how it impacts the body

Also known as the bodybuilding nutrient, protein is popular among health enthusiasts. Bodybuilders, older adults and convalescents are encouraged to increase their protein intake because of this nutrient’s several roles. Indeed, adequate amounts of protein aid in soft tissue repairs, build the amino acid blocks of the immune system and aids new cell formation. Its countless functions explain why people require ample information about how much protein they will need.

For example, barring any health condition, a child’s protein intake may be higher than an adult’s. This is why children with Phenylketonuria are put on low-protein diets to prevent phenylalanine buildup in the blood. And in such cases, it is advisable to see the best Phenylketonuria (PKU) doctors to help you manage the condition and increase the chances of healthier living. Along-term protein deficiency can cause loss of muscle mass. It also weakens the immune system and may lead to liver problems. For this reason, it is recommended to see a nutritionist before embarking on a dietary mission which includes a boost in any specific nutrient.



  • What you need to know about carbohydrates

The body’s main fuel sources are derived from carbohydrates. Therefore, bread, sugars and starches provide instant energy when consumed. Indeed, you cannot ignore the significant role carbohydrates play in the body, but there is more to know about this nutrient. They digest faster, which explains why you get hungry quicker. Again, too much of it without adequate exercise can cause excessive weight gain.

Moreover, the sudden spike in blood sugar levels after consuming carbohydrates may be problematic for people with diabetes. This is why it is healthy to balance your carbohydrates with dietary fibres. That way, when the carbs digest quicker, dietary fibre helps you feel fuller for longer.

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