Want to Work Out? Feel Confident with These Tips!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said no to the gym because you were scared. Almost everybody does this. The hesitation. The worry. The insecurity that comes with walking into a brand-new gym where people might look at you. All of these things can make you feel less than confident so put off your workouts, which makes you gain weight, which makes you want to work out and on the cycle goes! 



The gym is an intimidating place, but at gyms such as Fitness 19, you can walk in and feel great from the moment you get there. There’s always people around in the gym, those with a smiling face ready to help you to learn how to use the machines and to feel confident while you work out. The one thing that you have to remember is that nobody – quite literally nobody – cares about what you look like in the gym. They are all feeling the exact same way that you do and they are feeling like the best thing they can do is watch themselves for their own fitness journeys and not watch everybody else. Here are some of the confidence tips that you need to feel good when you walk into the gym.

  • Create a powerful playlist. When your mind is distracted by the music playing in your ears, you are going to be able to focus on your workout. A powerful playlist to pump you up and make you feel good should make you feel like you should move your body in time with the music and get your workout done. It allows you to improve your mental health, allows you to focus on the song in hand, and you won’t be able to eavesdrop on anybody else’s conversations, either, therefore, no distractions.
  • Choose good gym wear. If you want to work out in the gym, then choose good gym wear that feels good on your body. It’s not about the sizes and it’s not about the shape, as long as you feel good you will look good and you will be able to work out without constantly worrying that your trousers are riding up on your T-shirts or your vest is on backwards – there are so many considerations. 
  • Smile. Making friends with other people at the gym, or going with a friend to boost your confidence will help you to expand your social circle and diminish that wall that you’ve created in your mind between yourself and the people who you perceive is on the next level. You have to remember that every single person going to the gym has a common goal, they are there for their health and to get fit. Smiling at somebody else may help you to expand your cycle, make a friend and give you some valuable fitness advice that you may not have received before.
  • Keep showing up. What is the best place to build your confidence is to keep going. Eventually, the gym work feels quite so scary

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