What is the Homesteading trend and how could it benefit property sales?

Many local estate agents Chelmsford branches host various properties that are perfect for buyers embarking on their first foray into Homesteading. But what is this current trend and how could your property benefit from the rise in popularity of this lifestyle? We take an in-depth look, below.

What exactly is the Homesteading trend?

Homesteading has been around for many years. In fact, in times gone by, this way of living was completely normal for most people. Simply put, the Homesteading lifestyle is when you choose to live self-sufficiently. Homesteaders may decide to live all aspects of their lives in the most self-sufficient and sustainable way possible or to incorporate various elements of the self-sufficient life into their daily routine. Some key things that Homesteading involves are:-

Growing your own produce – the main aspect of becoming a homesteader is to be able to grow your own produce, enabling you to feed yourself and your family using predominantly home-grown supplies. Relying less on what you want to eat and more on what is ripe and ready as the seasons change.

Raising your own animals – raising your own animals for produce is another key aspect of homesteading for many.

Creating your own products, textiles, and clothing – if you are aiming for full sustainable living then this way of life can be achieved by making your own clothing and textiles to keep or sell.



Why is Homesteading rising in popularity?

Homesteading is likely to be rising in popularity due to the inflated cost of living that the UK is experiencing right now, but also due to many people desiring a slower pace of life that they feel more in control of. Taking our lives back to basics and living off the land and nature itself is now seen to be a highly desirable lifestyle.

Which properties may attract those looking to become homesteaders?

If you are selling a property with a good-sized plot of land, then this could be highly desirable for homesteading uses. Any homesteader will need enough land to create a vegetable plot that is big enough for them to grow food to last them the entire year. They may also require extra space for livestock and to grow their own grains and products to sell.

Converted barns or farmhouses with fields and land surrounding them will be the obvious first choice, but rural areas with slightly more modern properties may still work well for some. Talk to your local estate agents who will be able to advise you on coming up with the best price to list your home at when you take the plunge and sell up. They will be able to advise you as to how much similar properties nearby have sold for recently and the type of buyers they are attracting.


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