Cintasplanet blog about enjoying life

Hi, I am Claire, and I run Cintasplanet.  At CintasPlanet, the philosophy we believe in is living life to the fullest.

We believe that by exploring our world, we can find the best in ourselves. We believe in changing our plans when plans change and in looking for new adventures even when we’re already having fun.

Be good to yourself.
On Cintas Planet, you’ll find plenty of articles about how to be kinder to yourself and enjoy life more. Whether it’s taking care of your mental health, improving your diet, or getting back into old hobbies, Cintas Planet has plenty of advice for you!

Be kind to our planet.
Cintas Planet has plenty of information on ways that you can be good to the planet. We explore sustainable living solutions like eco-friendly beauty products or how you can reduce your water usage – all while looking good!

Lifestyle ideas for everyday
We like to take a look at all aspects of life and what you can do with them. So if you’re looking for some new ideas about how to spend your day or weekend, check out our blog for great inspiration!