Simple Ways to Let Your Hair Down and Unwind


We all need to unwind every once in a while. The vast majority of us lead pretty hectic and busy lives, where we’re constantly jumping between one task or responsibility and another. Some of us worry a lot too, becoming tense and fraught. Make sure that you take time to focus on yourself every once in a while, showing yourself some TLC and doing what you can to chill out and relieve a little tension. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling!



A Hot Bath


Hot baths are comforting for good reason. They allow you to lie back in a warm and comfortable tub, disconnected from many of the chores and tasks that you might otherwise focus on. You can lie back with some soothing sounds, talk to a loved one through the door, think or simply disconnect and think about nothing. Invest in some quality bath salts, bath bombs or bubble bath liquids. There are plenty of calming scents to pick from that can further add to the experience.


Calming Tea


There are plenty of calming teas ou there. The act of drinking a cup of tea is comforting in itself. It’s warm. It’s delicious. It gives you five to ten minutes respite for whatever else you might be doing throughout the course of the day. Some flavours tend to be even more calming than others, with herbal teas like chamomile being particularly popular. If you find that teas aren’t quite doing the trick, you may want to talk to your doctor or a specialist about cbd and its benefits.


Pillow Mist


Pillow mists tend to smell of lavendar and other calming scents and are specially designed to help you calm down and unwind when you lie down at night. You may also be able to find temple rubs or salves that match, helping to provide you with some relaxing aromatherapy before bed.




Massage is a go to for many of us when we begin to feel particularly tense. If you haven’t tried out a massage before, now is the time to treat yourself and give it a go. There are countless types of massage out there, so you’ll probably have to do a little experimentation to find what best suits your needs and preferences. Perhaps the most popular is Swedish massage. This uses strokes in the direction of your blood flow to ease tension and help you relax. Other popular options include hot oil or hot stone massages.




Feeling tired and worn down. You may want to consider a nap. Sure, napping every single day may not be practical, but giving your body some respite and a chance to heal itself every now and then is important. On top of this, do your utmost to make sure that you’re getting eight hours of sleep every night, as this can prevent chronic sleep deprivation.


Hopefully, some of the options outlined above will help you to let

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