Unhappy In Your Career? Take These Steps

It’s normal to feel scared if you train for a job and then decide it’s not for you. The good news is that this is something that a lot of people can relate to, so you are not alone. There are no numbers about how many jobs people have in their lives. The good thing about changing careers is that not every change, like home inspector jobs, requires expensive retraining or full-time schooling. If you’ve realised that your job isn’t what you want to do, here are some steps to take:


Do Some Soul Searching 

When you change careers, you need to do some soul searching to figure out what to do next. When you were younger, your parents and teachers told you to be more realistic. Even though the advice is good, it can kill your dreams before they have a chance to take shape. Think for a moment about your hopes and dreams from the past. What did you want to do when you were young? You may have had some crazy dreams, but some of them are more like what will happen. They can help you to find the right career.



Find Others Who Enjoy Their Job 

You must have heard about people who changed careers by going back to school or getting job training. Sometimes, this decision is attained by meeting other professionals in that field and realising that you love their approach to work and life. The most important thing to take away from this story is that finding your people can also help you find your dream job. Start with your friends and family who love what they do for a living. In some cases, you might not like what they do for a living, but you will learn something about how they can love what they do. This new information could give you the answer you need and show you what to do next.


Make Connections 

Once you’ve decided on a new career path, you can start talking to people who already have the job you want. It might be scary, but it could help you because many people love to talk about their jobs, especially when they meet someone else who loves their job as much as they do. Besides, you will likely find people who are willing to spend that time networking, particularly if a friend recommends them. So, ask the people you already know if they know anyone in the field you want to get into. You never know, but networking could lead to a conversation that changes your mind about your chosen career path.

Choose Transferable Skills

Every job needs skills that can be used in other jobs as well. Some people go to coding boot camps, for example, to learn skills that will help them stand out as software engineers or to learn more about how to become fitness instructors. It is best to look at what they have in common instead of what it will take to make the change. It can help to look at job descriptions. Keep a copy of your current job description with you at all times. Then, when you find a job, compare it to the last one you had.



Many people change jobs more than once during their lives. If you feel like you are in the wrong job, you can always change. After stopping, you might not be sure what you want or have some doubts. Chances are you already know more than you believe you do. Your background will push you to learn new skills and network your way into a new job that will make you happy.


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