Why Sending a Handwritten Thank You Card is the Most Underrated Gesture of Thanks


Thank you notes are necessary and important etiquette when meeting someone who has been kind enough to help you with something.  Even though most people have become a lot more informal, it doesn’t change the necessity of following all the small rules of etiquette as much as possible.  A thank you note is an opportunity to express your gratitude in writing and demonstrate that you have taken the other person’s advice or gift to the heart.  A handwritten thank you card is an extremely grateful gesture that leaves a lasting impression on your receiver.  Here are a few reasons why sending a handwritten thank-you card is the most underrated gesture of thanks:


It Shows That You Care About Others

You can send thank you notes for anything, but when you send handwritten notes for gifts, you show that you care about the gift giver.  You may not be able to use the item they gave you, but you will remember their kindness when you write the card.  When you include a note expressing how much you appreciate a specific item they gave you, you show them that the gift has value to you.  It may not be the gift that has value, but the thought behind it.  When you send a thank you card for a gift, you show your appreciation for the person who was kind enough to give you something that is probably very expensive or something they have been saving up for.  You can also utilise a thank you note service to get that special card sent, go that extra mile and make the thank you note personalised to show you care.


It Shows Your Receivers That They Are Important To You

Sometimes you don’t know who to send a thank you card to, or you know that you need to send a thank you card, but you don’t know who to send it to.  For example, you may need to send a card to a teacher, guidance counsellor, or your coach who has helped you somehow.  When you send a card to these people, you show them that their guidance is important to you.  You are letting them know that you appreciate their help and take their advice seriously.  It is also a good idea to send a thank you card to someone who has been looking out for you.  For example, sending a card to your guidance counsellor lets them know that you appreciate them watching you at school or on the sports field.

It Helps People Remember The Good Things About You

When you send out a lot of handwritten thank you cards, you are helping your receivers remember the good things about you.  You want to make a lasting impression on others, but you may not know how.  When you send a thank you card to someone who has helped you out with something, you are helping that person remember how kind you are.  It is a small gesture that can impact someone’s life, especially if you do it consistently.  You may not think sending a few cards each year will make a big difference in someone’s life, but you would be wrong.  Someone who receives a card letting them know they were thoughtful or helpful may start to recognise you more often.


It Demonstrates That You Are Well Mannered

If you are a young person or are still trying to make a good impression on others, you may be worried about sending a handwritten thank you card.  You may think the card looks too young or isn’t formal enough for the situation.  When you send a thank you card, you show that you are well-mannered and appreciate the gesture.  You are also demonstrating that you have taken the time to take extra care with your words.  When you send a card, it shows that you are thoughtful and respect the person who has helped you.  It shows you have grace and finesse that others don’t always have.



A handwritten thank you card is an extremely important gesture of gratitude that is often overlooked because people are too worried about what it will look like in their handwriting or because they don’t know where to start.  When you send a handwritten thank you card, you tell a story with your words.  You are letting your receiver know how much they mean to you and how grateful you are for their help.  You can’t go wrong with sending a handwritten thank you card.  You can send these cards to anyone who has done you a good deed or has given you a gift.  These small gestures make a big difference in someone’s life.  People appreciate being thanked for their gifts, advice, and helpfulness.

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